Regenerative Poultry

What is Regenerative Poultry?

Regenerative poultry raises chickens amid a canopy of trees and woody perennials, a habitat that is closest to poultry’s original geo evolutionary blueprint.

There, chickens achieve full symbiosis with their environment: the trees protect the chickens from weather, direct sun, and aerial predators, while the chickens fertilize the trees with their manure

From here begins a cascade of regeneration:

Healthier soil and microbiome
Higher quality food to consumers
Cleaner air and water
Greater returns to farmers and food workers
Bigger yields and happier animals
Regenerative Poultry

The Regenerative Agriculture Alliance is committed to developing the infrastructure to ensure these benefits take off at a massive scale.

By providing systems-level support for regenerative farmers, aggregators, food system workers, and consumers, the alliance brings regenerative poultry products to market.

Based on the understanding that only systems are regenerative, we work with a wide swath of partners, funders, and investors to ensure that the benefits of a replicable, scalable, and profitable Regenerative Poultry system become available to all.

By leading in this one area, we show how it is possible to scale regenerative agriculture with integrity.

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