Climate Smart Agriculture

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In partnership with Regenerational International, Regenerative Agriculture Alliance has been selected and awarded funds to build a community of climate-smart farmers in the Midwest focused on scaling climate-smart grain and poultry production as a system-level climate solution for the Midwest.

This project will support producers who follow diversified regenerative climate-smart grain production methods incorporating small grains, no-till, and cover crops, integrated agroforestry practices. Grain Producers may receive incentive payments to adopt a climate-smart grain rotation for at least three years. We are seeking to build relationships with regional mills and poultry producers to integrate the climate-smart grain into their operations.

Through this 5 year project, we seek to demonstrate the opportunity of working together as an ecosystem of producers to build brands and markets associated with the Poultry-Centered Regenerative Agriculture movement.

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Climate Smart Job Opportunities:
RAA Climate-Smart Grant Administrator