Be a Part of the Regenerative Future

Strength Lies in Community Support

Being in community with one another is not only fun, it’s also rewarding. Regenerative poultry production opens its doors to farmers from diverse backgrounds. Despite lower entry barriers compared to other industries, new and transitioning farmers often require support, whether operational or financial. When agriculture operates as a collective effort, it is closer to true regeneration. Your donations to RAA are pivotal. Your support aids local regenerative farmers, fostering ongoing improvements in our lands and communities built on the principles of regenerative agriculture.

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The RAA will match all donations up to $8,000 from now until the end of 2023

Fund a Regenerative Poultry Farmer

Your support helps us remove barriers for farmers to participate in the RAA poultry training cohort. Currently there are 9 active farmers in the PCRA ecosystem. The RAA has a goal of raising money before the end of 2023 to provide online training to 5 farmers free of cost.

Gift a Farmer Starter Pack with a ‘Chick Kit’

Fund a ‘Chick Kit’ for a farmer. These kits include all a farmer needs for the first 4 weeks of raising a flock! For every $902.21 raised, a PCRA farmer will receive a ‘Chick Kit.’

Get a PCRA 2024 Calendar!

Give $50 or more (before Dec 19th 2023) and receive a PCRA themed 2024 wall calendar.