Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

A regenerative industry alliance for thriving businesses, people, and planet.

Ecosystem development through energy management

The Regenerative Agriculture Alliance was created in 2018 as the non-profit arm of a larger ecosystem designed to build a regenerative, equitable, and socially just agriculture sector. We are focused on scaling up a systems-level regenerative poultry solution that restores ecological balance, produces nourishing food, and puts money back into the hands of farmers and food chain workers. To do so requires a completely new supply chain that integrates grassroots organizing of farmers with physical infrastructure and other regeneratively stacked enterprises.

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That regenerative agriculture becomes the norm.


The mission of the RAA is to scale up regenerative poultry in the movement to provide a farmer driven model that showcases regenerative agriculture as the transformational shift needed to balance our ecosystems at large.


We approach regenerative agriculture through ecosystem management. Just as the regenerative poultry system works with the entire ecosystem of the land to produce abundant food, scaling regenerative poultry takes an ecosystem of businesses to produce regenerative outcomes. That is why collective ecosystem management forms the backbone of what we do.

Why chicken?

Nothing beats the chicken as a foundation for systems change. While all types of livestock have a place in regenerative agriculture, we focus on poultry for a number of reasons:

Compared to larger livestock, raising and processing chickens is a much more accessible enterprise for small and beginning farmers.

Through their digestive tracts, chickens turn feed into food for soil in a matter of hours.

Chickens require less land so their grazing and manure are much easier to manage.

Raising broilers takes very little upkeep and only 65 days from receiving them as chicks to getting them processed, allowing farmers to manage more efficient cash flow systems throughout the season.

Though chickens originated in southeast Asia, throughout millenia chicken soup has become a medicine across the globe.

A Look At The Energy Cycles of Regenerative Agriculture

Ecosystem development through energy management