Salvatierra Farms

Salvatierra Farms is a 75-acre farm in Bridgewater Township, just west of the city of Northfield, Minnesota. It was founded by Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin and his wife Amy Haslett-Marroquin and their three children in 2020. The farm is currently being developed and has set its sights on being the premier demonstration farm for the Regenerative Poultry System in the Midwest region.

29 of the 75 acres are woods with over sixty year old trees. An additional 8,200 hazelnut trees have been planted with the goal of reforesting the open land and integrating native species into the poultry production model.

As part of creating an overall regenerative system, Salvatierra Farms sees the importance of community engagement and building a complete regenerative ecosystem inclusive of consumers, partners, other established farmers, workers and aspiring and new farmers.


“We look to create action and bring people into this system of regenerative poultry production, and we understand an important part of this is showing that change is current and tangible.”

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin