Organic Compound

The Organic Compound grew out of a small communal garden that Wil Crombie began on his family’s land. The local community flocked to it and transformed the land into a thriving farm and homestead centered around regenerative living. As the community grew, Carly Crombie became another founding member – managing the annual gardens, organizing events, and weaving the web of community. Through beekeeping, sawmilling, hide tanning, deep mulch gardening, water, and land management, composting and food preservation, they catalyzed their love for this regenerative lifestyle into a much larger endeavor.

In 2016, the Organic Compound became the first commercial-scale site for the Tree-Range® brand. The partnership was established with the vision of empowering small farmers to positively impact the food system while building the health of their farmland and creating truly regenerative food products. For the people gathering at the Organic Compound, this new endeavor greatly magnetized the purpose, beauty, and potential impact of their work. Over the next four years, they transformed 40 acres of conventionally farmed cropland into a thriving ecosystem full of diversity. Together they planted over 20,000 trees and shrubs and began integrating animals along with perennial and annual alley crops — returning natural cycles to the once barren landscape.

Wil and Carly usually run about 6 to 8 flocks per year but the beautiful flexibility of the regenerative system allowed them to run fewer flocks in 2021 and spend more time introducing their daughter Hazel to the vibrant ecosystem they belong to. Hazel’s first birthday was celebrated harvesting a beautiful abundance of hazelnut with the whole Organic Compound community.