Feed the People Farm Cooperative

Feed the People Farm Cooperative is a worker-owned cooperative in Northfield, Minnesota, bringing together young people to grow food through regenerative agricultural practices. Cliff Martin, a worker-owner, met Regi when he was in high school. Their conversations about systems change and permaculture grew Cliff’s interest in social change and food justice. After gaining some on-farm experience through the Main Street Project, Cliff, Helen, and some other friends were able to access Cliff’s dad’s land to farm on their own. With supplies from the Main Street Project to start, they got to work preparing the uneven terrain for their future feathered friends.

Their cooperative structure aims to build a solidarity economy based on environmental sustainability, democratic control by workers and the community, and community benefit instead of private profit. Feed the People worker-owners share the minimal labor needed under the Tree-Range® system. They currently have one regenerative poultry production unit on their farm and raised one flock this summer although they have raised up to three flocks in the past. The members utilize the farm as an essential piece of their social justice organizing movement ecosystem called the Red Pine Collective. They use farm profits to continue to expand the farm, fund grassroots organizing, and education efforts. With regenerative poultry, Feed the People Farm Cooperative is proud to be part of a movement that’s truly shifting power in the food system to become truly democratic and regenerative.