Carrillo Brothers Farm

Jesus and Aldo Carrillo’s farm is in Foley, Minnesota. The two brothers work together with their parents and other family members to grow a variety of vegetables and regenerative poultry for themselves and their community. The Carrillo family immigrated from Mexico where they used to farm a variety of crops and animals. Almost two decades ago, when they moved to Minnesota, they decided to maintain their connection to farming and the environment in their new home.

Their first attempt to farm sheep was filled with challenges as they struggled to access veterinary care and technical assistance. In their next venture into a goat operation, they were successful in making homemade cheese as they used to do in Mexico. Unfortunately, finding a way into the local market was difficult so they turned, instead, to vegetable production. In a successful partnership with Good Acre, they have been able to grow and sell a variety of vegetables including sweet corn, winter squash, tomatillos, and more! The Carrillos feed their own family with their delicious vegetables and believe that the healthiest way to farm is organic.

The Carrillos dream of a farm that can support their whole family. Their relentless motivation and hard work combined with their love for raising animals drove them to become regenerative poultry producers. They were able to convert much of their existing on-farm infrastructure into brooders for regenerative poultry. In summer 2021, they successfully installed 1 production unit and produced a total of almost 1,500 delicious chickens. After a difficult time raising goats and sheep, the Carrillos are excited to have animals back on the farm, and the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance is ensuring access to technical assistance, processing, markets, and more!