Callejas Farm

Jose Callejas has been working in agriculture since he was a young boy. He and his wife, Erica, established their current farm in September 2018 where they are raising their three daughters. Jose and Erica grew up in the same rural area of El Salvador and met when they were just 15 and 14 years old, respectively. Before launching their regenerative poultry operation in summer 2021, they were producing just a few hundred chickens per year for themselves, their family, and some community members. Unlike Jose, Erica had little experience working with animals but she has enjoyed learning about regenerative poultry and caring for the chickens every day.

Even though the Callejas family is just starting out with poultry, the existing infrastructure on their farm and their agricultural knowledge are already allowing them to raise several flocks at once. This summer they have raised almost 3,000 birds and hope to have the capacity to raise up to 12,000 in the near future by acquiring a few more acres of land. This was the first time that the couple raised such a large number of birds, and they are ecstatic about applying their previous knowledge and ingenuity to implementing this new system on their farm.

The Callejas family is committed to growing organic, all-natural food without any chemicals or pesticides. Jose loves raising regenerative poultry because he is passionate about working with animals to increase the richness of the soil and to produce food that is healthy for humans and for the environment. He has planted hazelnut trees that will eventually provide the canopy needed for their chickens. While they allow their hazelnut trees some time to grow, you can find their chickens relaxing under the canopy of beautiful sunflowers.