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The Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA) is an ecosystem of people and organizations committed to regenerative agriculture. We’re a community of industry leaders, farmers, public interest organizations, food sector businesses and cooperatives, tribes, elected officials who seek to build collective impact centered on intentionally and systematically addressing our own colonizing mindsets. By simply coordinating our efforts and ensuring that we break down silos and evolve beyond the colonizing mindset and operating structures that dominate our society and especially within our non-profit and community-based organizations we intend to move away from our current self-imposed restraints to take back ownership and control of our food system and with it, our ability to build a regenerative future. By focusing on regenerative poultry as a high impact and strategic area to scale-up, indigenized and decolonized models we are deliberately making a choice to encourage support our collective ability to build healthy ecosystems, resilient ownership and control structures, and governance that deliver equity and justice for BIPOC communities and as a result anchors the foundation of a real regenerative agriculture sector.

Although focused on regenerative poultry, the RAA works as part of a whole ecosystem where cooperation with all other sectors is central. This includes regenerative grain production, grass fed beef, and other emerging sub-ecosystem sectors such as regenerative pork, meat sheep, turkey. We seek an end result where these sub-ecosystem sectors come together to jointly build the future of a fully integrated regenerative agriculture system inclusive of all the expressions within the agriculture community from farm to table.


Tony Wells

Regenerative Farming & Business Services Director

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin


Wilber De La Rosa

Poultry Producers Portfolio Manager

Bec Ersek

Administrative Assistant


Board of Directors

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin


Florence Reed

Vice President

Ann Wolf


Katherine Paul


Gabe Brown

Regenerative Farmer

Nick Hernandez

Native Farmer

Luis Marcos


Bridget Guiza


Dawn Sherman


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