The Business Ecosystem

Only systems are regenerative.

Regenerative agriculture is critical to restoring natural ecosystems, but these sorts of outcomes will only take place if the infrastructure exists to bring regenerative products to market. To achieve truly regenerative outcomes requires that we scale regenerative agriculture, which means creating regenerative supply chains. But how do we scale anything without compromising social, economic, or ecological criteria?

The answer is simple: Values.

The Regenerative Agriculture Alliance is dedicated to designing scalable, replicable, regenerative business ecosystems that bring wealth back into the hands of farmers, entrepreneurs, and food chain workers. Starting with critical, backbone infrastructure, our work is always evolving to transform more and more of the carbon cycle into healthy land, animals, and communities. Here is what is already in place:

Regenerative Poultry Systems LLC

Regenerative Poultry Systems LLC is the official online training platform for the regenerative poultry system. Signing up is the fastest way for farmers and gardeners to find out if regenerative poultry production is right for them. Regenerative Poultry Solutions also serves as a platform for farmers to connect with each other and find technical assistance.

Processing out of Stacyville, IA

The availability of affordable, regional processing facilities is one of the greatest barriers to entry for independent poultry farmers. With generous support from the 11th Hour Project, the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance is deploying a regenerative poultry processing facility out of Stacyville, IA, in October 2021. The plant is certified organic, USDA-inspected and will service the tri-state Driftless region. The plan is to convert the processing facility into an employee-managed and -operated enterprise; and being the first of its kind, for it to serve as a model for expansion.

Tree-Range ® Farms, LLC

Tree Range ® Chicken is the official trademarked brand for the regenerative poultry system. Tree-Range Farms, LLC, is the benefit corporation that markets and distributes regenerative poultry products. Buying Tree-Range ® is how consumers can enjoy and be part of the regenerative agriculture movement.


The Regenerative Agriculture movement needs you.

Together we will reshape modern agriculture by building an ecosystem of agricultural businesses and individuals working together toward regeneration.