Wild Apple Beef Farm

Wild Apple Beef is an old dairy farm being lovingly recreated into a pastured beef and Tree Range chicken operation by owners Stephanie & Chris Coffman. After taking it over from Stephanie’s parents, they converted the old milking barn into a coop and planted the surrounding area with hazelnuts and other native trees to return the area to its native canopy cover to range their chickens underneath.

A small beef operation on the Rush River watershed in Pierce County, Wisconsin, practicing good conservation has always been important on their farm. They’ve recently decided to diversify and add a new operation: raising meat birds and joining the PCRA ecosystem of farmers!

As a new PCRA producer Wild Apple Beef Farm was able to benefit from the “pay it forward” hazelnut tree program. Nuts being produced on farms that have been established for several years are planted in a nursery, and new producers are invited to available seedlings from these nurseries to establish their own paddock system.

“This production model will not only provide us with healthfully raised chicken, but also eventually in a few years, hazelnuts and elderberries – products that the Tree-Range Farm team is hard at work sourcing markets for.”