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Your membership dues are very important and help RAA develop regenerative agriculture systems.  By becoming a member of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance, you will participate in building a representative and diverse ecosystem of farmers, tribes, farmer organizations, food businesses and coops, educators, researchers, consumers, and organizers to build and to support the growth of a regenerative agriculture and food system with integrity and accountability.

The RAA’s strategy is centered on building infrastructure and governance to support the development of targeted regenerative agriculture sectors with a focus on Regenerative Poultry.  We invite you to become part of this story of collective regenerative impact and to let the RAA become part of your own story of regenerating the planet, your community, and the economy.

Membership Process and Dues

  • Fill out the full member profile and sign the “Declaration of Regeneration“.  By signing the Declaration you are committing to holding our ecosystem accountable to higher standards in food production as we build strong regenerative agriculture systems.

  • Receive membership approval confirmation

  • Pay annual membership dues

Consulting fees for services are calculated on a separate ecosystem fee to be determined after visitation and analysis.

Basic Member Benefits

  • Listing as a member at the RAA’s membership page
  • A copy of the “Declaration of Regeneration” with your farm, tribe, organization, or name listed on it
  • Notifications of important events, resources and opportunities identified by the RAA
  • Free e-newsletter
  • Access to scholarships (when qualified) to RAA-organized trade events and other RAA co-sponsored events
  • Consumer educational opportunities from partnering organizations like Regeneration International and Regeneration Midwest

Specialized Benefits

  • Priority access to RAA’s Farmer Consultants who lead “farmer to farmer trainings” to groom the next generation of regenerative farmers.
  • Access to specialized support infrastructure of experts in a diversity of fields associated with building a regenerative agriculture and food products supply chain.
  • Access to a growing network of regenerative farmers which means access to a large variety of regeneratively produced products.
  • Consulting on the development of a creative communications strategy to build business marketability, as well as a dynamic public perception.
  • Participation in future consolidated multi-sector multi-products online wholesale trading board.
  • Access to specialized publications focused on key aspects of regenerative production models, science and technology compiled by RAA and its partners as a response to specific needs within its membership ecosystem.
  • Access to “Contracts with Integrity” a legal resource framework for the regenerative supply chain to be unveiled at the AcresUSA Eco-Conference in 2019, Minneapolis MN.
  • Access to resources to guide and support the process of professionally designing R&D projects critical for capturing key new supply-chain opportunities or advancing the capacity of existing models to deliver benefits for farmers and consumers.
  • Professional guidance on how to navigate through and support local, state and federal policies that promote healthy soils, carbon drawdown, clean water, new farming and food-based entrepreneurial opportunities, worker rights and other aspects beneficial to growing our regenerative nation.
  • RAA may organize targeted responses to specific issues in specific geographical areas or sectors of the RAA membership where the full weight of the RAA may change the outcomes in benefit of its members.

Founding RAA Members

Membership Exception

No government institutions can be paying members. Government institutions can be institutional allied members and supporters, and are allowed to support someone from within their organization to become an individual member as long as no institutional representation is assumed as part of this individual’s participation in the RAA.