Decolonize Agriculture

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What's Inside?

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín shares 3 key strategies to decolonize agriculture.

Decolonization of the Mind

Establishing the foundational mantras, doctrine, and patterns to reverse established thinking, acting, engaging, organizing, and processing patterns.

Decolonization of Science, Management and Process

Establishing the core earth-based indigenous foundations that define the chemical, physical, and biological processes, governed by the laws of thermodynamics that determined the geo-evolutionary processes that gave origin to life and its diversity on earth, and applying this understanding to the process by which we use modern scientific knowledge and technology so that the destructive nature of colonizing systems can start to be reserved systemically.

Organizing for Collective Success

Utilizing ancestral organizational and governance structures that sought to balance the innate colonizing nature of human beings (ALL OF US) we will collectively seek to build a framework for organizing by areas of affinity and from there, build a larger representative and fully accountable governance structure to represent our collective interest and to coordinate the multitude of sub-sectors of the larger Midwest agriculture landscape so that collectively we can build an independent, self-governed REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEM.

Watch the Presentations