Redefining a Virtual Conference

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2021

Starting on February 4th, and every Thursday till September, the Bionutrient Food Association will be hosting a marathon of incredible conversations and workshops weaving science and wisdom. In partnership with Guatemalan indigenous spiritual leaders from the K'anjobal Maya Community in Omaha, Nebraska we will lead the opening ceremonies on February 4th with a meditation and then a deep review of the kind of work we face ahead.

We will deepen the concept of regenerative agriculture, stepping back from the reductionist approaches that have been colonizing this concept and reducing it to soil and land-based practices. We will be taking a full view of the meaning of this ancestral indigenous-based concept that has been preserved and made available to us through the work and resistance led primarily by Native communities all over the world.

We will reflect on our responsibility to honor this concept by refusing to appropriate, expropriate and ultimately colonize it as we have collectively done with so many other promising solutions to the global food insecurity and climate crisis. We will meditate and seek to recognize that the degeneration of the planet results from the current structures of colonization and extraction that govern the way we relate to the rest of creation. On how our colonizing nature defines our ways of thinking and being, which in turn defines the systems we have built that extract and pillage the value that farmers, workers, and the ecology generate. Regenerative agriculture is a system-change outcome and it starts with restructuring ownership and control, governance, and how we organize our relationship with the living systems of the earth and work within those systems so that we all can have food, shelter, fiber and meet so many other basic needs.

Join us both to be inspired and to be challenged, to grow and become part of an eco-insurgency that can peacefully, quietly, and systemically build a new agriculture system that is regenerative.


 The Soil + Nutrition Conference (SNC) is an annual conference that brings together the collective knowledge of the broader food + environmental movements to increase the health of both people + planet. 2021 lineup has 32+ Speakers + Workshops. The SNC is known for its blend of cutting edge content in health and agriculture alongside a vibrant community energy coalescing around well-being and consciousness. This year we are celebrating the past + welcoming the future as it is our 10th Anniversary and also the first time our conference will be delivered virtually. The theme this year is "Weaving Science + Wisdom".

Our audience includes farmers, gardeners, landscapers, homesteaders, foodies, chefs, health professionals, researchers, technologists, concerned citizens, activists, industry providers, and more.

Starting: February 4, 2021, every week on Thursdays 3-4:30PM from February to September

$89 for BFA members
$144 for nonmembers
$21 international pricing
Scholarships available

Platform: Zoom

4 Tracks:
Mycelial Culture
Real Food Campaign


The Regenerative Agriculture movement needs you.

Together we will reshape modern agriculture by building an ecosystem of agricultural businesses and individuals working together toward regeneration.