Missouri River Valley

Missouri River Valley

Like other regional efforts to establish a Midwest region of regenerative poultry producer pools, the Missouri River Valley is centered in Omaha, Nebraska. Through years of organizing in the region, the RAA has established a core set of partners including farmers, community organizations, distributors, consumers and legislators who want to see the region’s agriculture sector become more regenerative of the land, more supportive of the family farmers and be more representative of the diversity of people in the region. Omaha is home to a diversity of multi-generational Latin American farmers and established native and anglo farmers. This diversity is a critical competitive advantage when thinking about regenerative poultry farming as an anchor for a regional producer pool. This region is also highly impacted by corporate poultry producers, which has increased the interest of farmers in participating in a regenerative system because they are unwilling to submit to the extractive nature of corporate contracts and don’t want to be part of destructive agricultural practices that kill the biology of the land and diminish the resilience of agrarian communities in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

This region brings together the Ho-Chunk Farms operation out of the Winnebago reservation, Guatemalan Native displaced populations organized under the Pixam Ixim Maya Community umbrella, Anglo farmers in the region ready to implement regenerative poultry on their farms, and other critical supply chain partners.


  • To support the deployment of the Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim land trust and regenerative poultry farm
  • To deploy a total of up to 200 regenerative poultry farms
  • To engage a total of approximately 50,000 acres from grain through poultry production
  • To anchor the deployment of Tree-Range®️ Chicken and Eggs as the foundation of building a regional competitive advantage for the region’s regenerative agriculture sector
  • To acquire, partner with, or build a regional poultry processing facility
  • To build the concept and oversee the deployment of a regenerative agriculture value added development park out of the Omana and surrounding area
  • To build capacity to produce 10 million broilers under a validated, verifiable and certifiable regenerative poultry standard
  • To assemble a network of regenerative egg production farms to deliver upwards of 20.5 million eggs into the immediate markets
  • To establish the organizational, governance and management structures to ensure that the ownership, control and management of the regional system is done under a collective effort that delivers equitable returns to all who participate, just wages, dignity for workers, and ecological regeneration at an economically viable scale

Key Regional Partners:

GC Resolve
Communidad Maya Pixan Ixim