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Farm Operation

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Your contributions are very important and help RAA develop regenerative agriculture systems.  By supporting the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance, you will participate in building a representative and diverse ecosystem of farmers, tribes, farmer organizations, food businesses and coops, educators, researchers, consumers, and organizers. We are collectively building infrastructure and supporting the growth of a regenerative agriculture and food system with integrity and accountability.

We invite you to become part of this story of collective regenerative impact and to let the RAA become part of your own story of regenerating the planet, your community, and the economy.

As a contributor to the RAA you will:

  • Be listed in the RAA’s Regenerators Page

  • Have access to the "Declaration of Regeneration" with your farm, tribe, organization, or name listed on it

  • Receive notifications of important events, resources and opportunities identified by the RAA

  • Receive a free e-newsletter

  • Have access to scholarships (when available) to RAA-organized trade events and other RAA co-sponsored events

  • Educational opportunities from partnering organizations like Regeneration International and Regeneration Midwest as well as RAA organized farmers exchanges and specialized regenerative site visits, farm events and trainings

Other Benefits

  • Priority access to RAA's partners who lead trainings and technical assistance to groom the next generation of regenerative farmers.
  • Access to specialized support and expertise in a diversity of fields associated with building a regenerative agriculture and food products supply chain.
  • Access to a growing network of regenerative farmers and their products.
  • Access to specialized publications focused on key aspects of regenerative production models, science and technology.
  • Access to “Contracts with Integrity” a legal resource framework for the regenerative supply chain.

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