Regenerative Agriculture Alliance Goals.

Our goals


To lead the deployment of producer pools across the country and the world to collectively deliver the foundation of a regenerative egg and broiler supply chain.
To consolidate and grow regenerative poultry operations in British Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Brazil and key African and Asian countries.

Landscape Regeneration

The RAA will seek to engage millions of acres through regenerative poultry and grains.

Perennial Crops

Alongside regenerative poultry systems in the US, lead the deployment of a Midwest-based hazelnut industry as part of the understory of agroforestry-based regenerative poultry and alley-cropped grain production.
Build a collective impact effort to deliver the value added, processing and distribution infrastructure to establish hazelnuts as a Midwest industry and as a high value substitute for soybean-based protein in the regenerative poultry feed supply.

Soil Carbon Sequestration

Seek to engage upwards of 3 million acres of land under regenerative management to restore between 44.8 and 60 million metric tons of carbon back to the soil through regenerative poultry and allied regenerative industry sectors.

Regenerative Feed Grain Supply Chain

Establish a verifiable regenerative poultry feed supply chain with a focus on small grains and as part of a fully integrated system.

Native Bison

Join native leaders seeking a collective effort to build support systems and infrastructure to aid their goals of bison restoration and landscape regeneration in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and the Winnebago nation in Nebraska.

Key programs

  • Regenerative agriculture producer pools planning and deployment assistance
  • Supply Chain Infrastructure development targeting the following sectors:
    • Regenerative Poultry
    • Organic Grains and Feed
    • Agroforestry Systems
    • Native-Led Regenerative Bison
    • Regenerative Pork
    • Grass Fed and Finished Beef and Dairy
  • Regenerative Production Protocols and Certification Systems Integration
  • Market Development
  • Capital Markets Access
  • Land Access and Management Systems
  • Indigenous Knowledge Recovery, Systematization and Dissemination

Who we are

The Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA) is an ecosystem of people and organizations committed to Regenerative Agriculture.  By signing on to the “Declaration of Regeneration” we are committing to holding our ecosystem accountable to higher standards in food production and supply-chain management.

We Are:

  • An ecosystem of people who choose to approach agriculture and food from an indigenous way of thinking.  Indigenous in this concept is not about being native or an official member of a tribe, it is about how we see and approach the world we live in and our role within the larger ecosystem we inhabit. It is about whether we have or are willing to decolonize our approach to food and seek the full potential of creation and our role within it. The RAA seeks to build a community that is collectively willing to oppose the idea of imposing our will and wasting precious resources in a futile attempt at bending creation to our desires.
  • A network that rejects the colonizing approach that defines extractive agriculture.  Instead, we see things from what they are in nature. We seek to build regenerative processes and infrastructure that supports the rediscovery, restoration, protection, and expansion of regenerative agriculture.
  • Native communities and businesses engaged in reclaiming our regenerative roots and decolonizing agriculture in native lands.
  • Farmers engaged in the production of regenerative foods.
  • Citizens who want regenerative foods free of toxic agricultural chemicals and genetically modified organisms.
  • Companies engaged in transformational processes to become more socially, ecologically, and economically regenerative.
  • Writers and publishers committed to documenting and sharing this regenerative transformation, while better educating urban and rural people alike.
  • Scientists, researchers and educational institutions engaged in understanding and furthering the knowledge base of regenerative thinking in agriculture.
  • Food hubs, processors, aggregators, distributors, wholesalers and retailers committed to building a regenerative agriculture supply chain from land to table.
  • Networks of institutional and individual investors interested in being part of a regenerative food system.


Our Focus

The RAA’s top priority is the building of support infrastructure to scale Regenerative Agricultural nationally and internationally.
This focus is defined by regenerative poultry’s global potential. We are in the business of systems transformation, our focus is on people’s engagement, regenerative poultry offers the most effective strategy for building a grassroots global reconnection between farmers and consumers, especially small farmers. Poultry is central to our launch and growth strategy because of its compatibility with almost every ecological blueprint on earth and its cultural, social, and economic alignment with the over 500 million small farmers that produce upwards of 70% of the total food in the world today.  Poultry represents a key entry point into scaling the people engagement in regenerative agriculture from land to market.
On the deployment at scale, poultry offers a short economic and biological cycle and a solid regenerative indigenous departing point. As a jungle fowl, poultry can be integrated into every willing small farm operation around the world without compromising the engagement of larger farms. Regenerative poultry, when approached from an indigenous starting point and centered on its original natural jungle habitat, can deliver high level ecological, social and economic impact.  Most important, it can have the largest ripple effect across the food supply chain.

Other sectors of priority will serve to build the alliance into an ecosystem representative of key areas that have native identities such as American bison, followed by other sectors such as:





Our Team

  • Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, CEO, MN
  • Graham Christensen, Ecosystems Management, GC Resolve, NE
  • Jim Kleinschmidt, Regenerative Production Systems Consultant, Kleinschmidt Consulting, MN
  • Wil Crombie, Digital Media Specialist, Man Alone Media, MN
  • Gustavo Rosso, Bilingual Strategies and Web-management, Patagonia Visual Solutions
  • Rocky Casillas, Story Branding, Rokas Studio LLC

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